SynEnergy is a leader in high-performance building design and a nationally-recognized woman- and minority-owned engineering firm based in Denver. CEO/President Mina McCullom is serving as one of the seven black CEO’s on the Dream.org Green for All Business Council.

Our Firm

Founded in 2011, SynEnergy has over 50 years of combined experience. Our team includes professional engineers, certified energy managers and LEED AP certified staff members.

Our methodology for MEP Engineering Design is to combine 1) financial modeling with 2) energy analysis – to bring value to your team and the owner.

Why SynEnergy

Our Philosophy

SynEnergy is an engineering firm, with a focus on mechanical/electrical engineering design and high performance buildings.

Our staff has extensive expertise with integrating MEP design with computational fluid dynamics and DOE2 hourly-simulated energy modeling tools.

Life Cycle Cost – Financial Analysis informs clients on both capital cost and operations cost, including savings from an energy efficient design.

Our Company Ethos

SynEnergy brings the processes and experience of a large company with the agility and customer service of a small company.

We design systems to align with client needs – not to meet code

We cultivate long term relationships

Hospitable workplace: happy employees = happier clients

Accountability: see something = say something

Open Communication: Leadership encourages candor and diverse options which fosters innovation