Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a unique way to bring our designs to life in which all parties involved (the design team, the General Contractor and the Owner) can visualize the project at various phases. This progression of the design process better detects the risks of system clashes during the design phase to mitigate conflicts prior to installation. This methodology helps streamline construction which saves the owner time and prevents change orders.

Our BIM team works with clients to understand their requirements and specifications. Our focus on detail helps deliver construction projects on schedule by rectifying clashes in the model.

SynEnergy provides deep, functional expertise, and is known for our ability to deliver results to clients. We have a time-tested methodology to design our 3D models on Revit. We blend the perfect mix of human capital and technology to provide effective VDC and BIM services.

Step 1:

Access to all necessary files/documentation/management tools is granted to SynEnergy.

Step 2:

Initial project setup and model alignment is complete. Project setup includes creating the project files, importing shared coordinates, etc.

Step 3:

Initial model and all associated families are created from the latest design information.

Step 4:

Clashes are reviewed with other trade partners and SynEnergy’s action items are noted. Modifications to the model are made after coordination with the other trades and incorporating any design changes.

Step 5:

Model is reviewed by appropriate parties until clashes are clear.

Step 6:

The model is signed off and shop drawings are created.

Step 7:

Approved shop drawings are sent to the field for construction.

Step 8:

SynEnergy updates model to “As-Built” from feedback provided by the field team/installer.