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Energy Modeling

Our energy consultants utilize hourly simulated energy models (EnergyPlus and/or eQUEST) to model the energy performance of an entire building or the systems within a building. Whole-building simulation is typically performed for an entire year using typical meteorological year weather data. Modeling the whole-building in (EnergyPlus and/or eQUEST), accounts for the interaction between different elements of the building, such as the impact of lighting on space conditioning loads or the impact of daylighting on electrical lighting loads. The impact of different building uses and occupancy patterns is also factored into the results.

To ensure that the energy model represents the “real world” building; we calibrate the energy models to adhere with ASHRAE guidelines. ASHRAE guidelines state energy models should be calibrated within ± 10% of the utility bills.

Hourly Simulated Energy Modeling Tools that we Utilize.